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Felted Red Cherry Earrings

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Cherry EarringsBy Heather Saxon

Guess what inspired these cherry earrings!  Such fun to wear, light as air and so easy to make.

Step 1

Use 18.5 micron Superfine Merino wool to make the felted beads in a size to suit, about a 1/2 inch diameter works well.

Step 2

Tie a firm knot in one end of a length of waxed cord, thread on one bead, then pass cord through the earwire loop.

Step 3

Tie a loose knot and add the second bead and then tie off with another loose knot.

TIP: Do not firmly tie the last two knots until the earrings are equal in length.

About the Author

Heather Saxon is a celebrated and unique jewelry designer. She's also the owner of Hotwired Beads, so be sure to check out her site:

Thanks, Heather!

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