Chan Luu Hemp Bracelet

I noticed that you had instruction on here on how to make the chan luu leather wrap bracelet so i thought i would ask about how to make her hemp looking wrap bracelet.

Here is one of the bracelets

It seems simple, if only I could figure out how to add an additional color and transition into the other pattern.

Does anyone know how to go about doing this?


Paige :)

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by: Anonymous

I have posted all the instrutions on my blog! Check it out and follow my blog! Thanks


Chan Luu Style Hemp/Cotton Wrap
by: Rev Sharyl

Hey Paige!

Basically, the bracelet you referenced looks like four colors, Coral, Grey, White and Sand. There may be a second tan added to the bottom layer. Four colors i probably enough to deal with on your first one!

With this many colors, you will need a fine cord, even floss to get this look. i tried one with hemp, and it came out about as thick as a pencil!

Cut one strand each of the colors of your choice
(rule of thumb is 3-4 times the length you need.
The 5 layer wraps average 32-34 inches with additional 4 inches or so for the loops. This is all knots, very little beads, so plan for about 4 yards of each color. It really stinks to end up short! But if you do, I have a fix.)

Slip one end of the cord thru a button or toggle and bring the button to the center. (now you have 8 strands to work with, one of each color on each side.

I like to clip my button to a board or to my jeans, what ever makes it stable. (You may want to use small clips to make little bobbins out of the threads. Its alot of cord at first!)

Just pull the colored cords you want to work with around to the outside (1 and 8 position) and leave the rest in the center. Work in six to seven inch sections, changing the knots and colors and adding beads.

To transition, just lay the colors you are done with into the center, and pull the next set of colors from the back around to the side. If you keep your knots tight, you will barely see the transition.

I'd am happy to help. You'll be shocked when you find how easy this is once you get going! If you would like to email me at revsharyl@thefountain7.com, i would be happy to clarify specific steps or knots.
(the one you chose gets a little tricky with the double twist section!)

Happy Wrapping!

by: Rev Sharyl

Here's your link!


this might help!
by: Rev Sharyl


This is a link to an authentic chan luu necklace/bracelet. There is an "alternate image" that you can look at where the wrap is stretched at a necklace. There you can see the pattern used for this one. It uses some very straightforward knots. Recently, there have been some with cotton over leather cord, but this one is most likely just the cord. Hope it helps!


How to Transition colors in Chan Luu Style Bracelet
by: Christine

Hi Paige!

It's pretty easy to transition. All you do is take the new color, lay it horizontally under the bracelet strands, and just use them as your working strands to make the knots.

To transition from a spiral to a flat knot, all you do is stop making a spiral sennit and start making a flat square knot sennit.

I hope that makes sense! You can see how to make the different knots in the Click here to add your own comments

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