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Make a DIY Chain Anklet

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Making a chain anklet is one of the easiest projects ever. Learn how to make your own step by step with this free easy peasy tutorial.

(See the pretty enamel charm? I made it. So cute.)

What's on this page...

Easy Chain Anklet Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

chain-anklet-tutorial materials

hemp bracelet pattern

You'll need the following tools and materials:

  1. 1 pair of chain nose jewelry pliers
  2. 1 pair of flat nose jewelry pliers
  3. 1 - lobster clasp
  4. 2 - 4 mm diameter jump rings
  5. 1 - charm or dangle
  6. 1 length of chain the circumference of your ankle

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Step 2: Attach the Clasp to the Chain

chain-anklet-tutorial step 2

Using your chain nose pliers, open the jump ring and slip the loop through one of the end chain links of your silver chain.

Close it back up carefully and be sure to line up both sides of the jump ring so that it is closed securely.

Help For Beginners: Learn how to properly open and close a jump ring here (opens in new tab or window).

Step 3: String Your Charm Onto the Chain

chain-anklet-tutorial step3

Just slide your charm onto the chain. No trick here :).

Step 4: Doublecheck the Length

chain-anklet-tutorial step 4

Remember the #1 rule of carpentry, "measure twice cut once"?

The same applies here.

Do a check that your anklet will be long enough to have a little drape before moving on to step 5.

Step 5: Attach Your Remaining Jump Ring

chain-anklet-tutorial step 5

Open your jump ring with the two sets of pliers, slip it through the last link of the unfinished end of the chain, and close the jump ring securely.

Optional Step 6: Solder the Jump Rings Closed

This step is an advanced final step for extra security.

I didn't solder my jump rings closed, but you might want to if you are using an expensive material like sterling silver.

If you're going to solder the jump rings closed, be sure to use the proper solder and flux, and a small torch. Plumber's solder or stained glass solder with the little soldering iron doesn't work for this application.

What to Solder: (Again, optional). You'll want to solder the lobster clasp jump ring and the lonely 'ol end jump ring closed. This will ensure that the jump rings will never come open.

Tips for Leaving your Jump Rings Unsoldered

If you aren't soldering them, be sure to use thick enough jump rings so that they don't get pulled out of shape and cause you to lose your beautiful new anklet.

(If you want to learn how to make an unsoldered jump ring really strong and secure, you might want to check out my Wire Works Secrets Ebook for the ultimate techniques for making your jump rings strong and secure.)

Wear Your New Chain Anklet and Enjoy!

finsihed chain anklet


Dress it up: Use gold or silver chain and gold or silver charms. Or even use a sparkly rhinestone charm or a semi-precious stone instead of something plain for your chain anklet.

Keep it Simple: Just use the chain and no dangle. It will still be pretty.

Go Crazy: Pile on the charms so that you jingle and sparkle when you walk. (I vote for go crazy).

Make it Feathery: Instead of charms, get a pair of feather earrings and remove the feather dangles. Slide them onto the chain to embellish your new chain anklet. Pretty and floaty.

Tool and Supply Source Suggestions

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