Can We Make Casting Rings Without Having A Casting Machine?

by Avis

Can we make casting rings without having a casting machine? Please help me.

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by: John The Jeweler

For simple jewelry without much detail, you can sand cast. The best sand to cast with is something called dutch clay. This is available at Rio Grande.
There are also some home made casting machines. Get a jewelry book published in the 40s and see how it was done before the invention of the modern process.

StokerConCast - Vertical Horizontal Continuous Copper Brass Alloy Casting Machines
by: Stoker Concast

Started in 1993, STOKER CONCAST has come a long way since then.

The company that had originated as a manufacturer of simple horizontal continuous casting machines has now metamorphosed into a company whose strength lies in its innovative technological approach and constant up gradation of its designs and products with users across the globe.

STOKER CONCAST technology is reliable, economic & simple to adopt for production of rods & tubes of copper & copper based alloys.

Stoker Concast has become an established name in the field of continuous casting. The company is committed to technical innovation and continual research to provide its users with the benefits of the latest engineering developments. Based on human machine interface

Proven Technology
The simple proven technology of Stoker makes it user friendly, environment friendly and economically viable.
Stoker Concast also manufactures vertical continuous casting machines for wire rod industry.
Unique Features of the Stoker Range of Products:

Stoker machines are designed and manufactured to meet the highest specification. Special emphasis is given to the material used for high temperature application. High quality of workmanship is ensured by a specially trained manpower team.

The machines available cover a wide range from 5KG/HR FOR PRECIOUS METALS TO 250kg/hr, according to application. The product sizes can range from as small as 6.0mm diameter rods up to billets of 150mm diameter. The widest strip and section up to 150mm width may be produced on the largest machines. All the models are so designed that the furnace can be used as an integrated melting, holding and casting machine.

The use of scrap as the basic raw material along with an economic, continuous casting technique makes this machine financially viable and commercially lucrative.

All the models are electrically heated and are operated on 3 phase, 440volt input supply. The furnace can be designed for any input voltage. The whole furnace is enclosed and is under Nitrogen atmosphere, thus reducing the furnace to a minimum, Insulation of the furnace is low thermal mass ceramic fiber which keeps the heat losses to minimum.

Owing to its flexibility of use, Stoker Concast Machines offer an extensive array of end products; the best production efficiency will be obtained from steady running of limited range of products and sizes. Every model of Stoker continuous casting machine features great flexibility in terms of product profile and product alloys. Very minor modifications are required to change the machine from wide strip to rod production.

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