Can I sell what I make?

by Ben

Using the tutorials on this website, can I sell what I make online without getting in any legal trouble?

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can I sell what I make
by: Linda

I would like to know too.

Only an opinion
by: Amy A

All the designs here are freely provided, I think as long as you don't claim ownership of the design selling your product and by extension your labor is okay. If you're uncomfortable with the prospect just do a variation change the colour, the size of the bead the type of clasp, whatever, use small changes to make it your own but still benefit from the ideas on the site. Besides which the chances of exactly replicating any of these designs is highly unlikely anyway,not to mention the fact that you're probably interested in eventually getting to your own designs as someone interested in crafting in the first place, you can use free projects as a starting place and go from there. Hope that's not too confusing.


selling jewelry from tutorials
by: Cherie

Once you learn a stitch or technique you can change around colors or sizes of beads. the possibilities are quite endless if you are creative. so the design will look different always.

Using Tutorials
by: Wirelicious Jewellery

I have always found someone who would use my tutorial as flattery. However, not all do.

So if you use someone else's design, don't declare it as your design and always, always, put the persons name of the tutorial and link to their site.

Better still just contact and ask. Hope you enjoy the tuts as much as I do.

Can You Sell What You Make?- This Is My Opinion
by: maddy

(opinion) I think that you would be able to sell what you make as long as it is not exactly the same as the ones on this site.

Try using different colors, beads, etc. But I would still put where you got it from and who created it.

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