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Buying Swarovski Crystal Beads: Things to Know

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Swarovski Crystal Beads

What are Swarovski Crystals?

We've all heard that buying Swarovski crystal beads is the way to go, but what are they, really?

To put it simply, Swarovski crystals are high-class, well-designed beads that are sparkly and glittery and just gorgeous. (You have to pronounce that Gawjus!)

Who Needs Swarovski Crystal Beads?

Anyone who wishes to make quality jewelry really should consider buying genuine Swarovski’s. The quality is second to none.

I use them exclusively for my grandmother bracelets and my mommy bracelets.

Nothing else compares when you pair it with sterling silver. Mmmm. Scrumptious!

Superior Sparkle and Shine

If you like sparkle and shine then you're just wasting time and money without buying the real deal.

With their vibrant glimmer, precise cuts and patented grinding process, Swarovski crystals have become known as the best. Once you experience them in real life, you’ll never want go back to a no-name crystal.

Dozens upon Dozens of Shapes and Styles

Swarovski crystals come in lots of colors and shapes.

Bicone, round faceted, hearts, crosses, briolettes, and cabochons abound. They even come in animal shapes – their website totes a great crystal polar bear on its front page. (I kind of really want that polar bear!)

Swarovski Polar Bear Crystal Figurines

They even have Swarovski pearls to round out their traditional crystal styles.

Swarovski was cool enough to develop their beads in just about any shape imaginable, too, so you can really make these beads look good with anything.

(Seriously, I just checked – there are six different heart shapes. Six. Bordering on obsessive if you ask me. It's almost overkill.)

Swarovski Crystal Colors

My favorite part about swaro crystals is looking at all the different colors.

I'm forever surprised by the range of greens – including my favorite color, Mint Alabaster (I call it 'mint chocolate-chip green'), which is pretty hard to find in anything.

Looking for a good online mail-order supplier?

Here’s where I order from.

Buying Swarovski crystal beads is fun, too - everyone loves browsing through rows and rows of shiny, sparkly things!

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