Butterfly Knot

by Peyton

How do i make a butterfly knot out of hemp twine?

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What Does a Butterfly Knot Look Like?

by Mike Stucker
(Elsinore ,UT ,United States)

I am very confused because I have never seen a butterfly knot before, and I have been a hemp jewelry designer for a long time.

So here is my question: What is a butterfly knot? What does one look like in hemp jewelry? I am very confused as to whether butterfly knots actually exist.


The term "butterfly knot" is not a very common term in hemp knotting, but it does exist.

"Butterfly knot" is another term for picot knot. The picot knot is a common knot in hemp jewelry making. It adds a lacy look to your designs. See the picture above for an example of a hemp butterfly knot.

by Christine Gierer

To Learn how to make a butterfly knot click here to go to the Butterfly Knot instructions

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