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How to Make a Butterfly Knot

butterfly knot

(a.k.a Picot Knot)

The butterfly knot or picot knot (BK) is a knot commonly used in hemp jewelry.


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It's really easy to make. Use it to give a lacy, airy look to a piece of jewelry or knotwork.

butterfly knot

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butterfly knot

Note: Before you can make a BK, you need to know how to make a HK (half knot) and a SK.

Review how to make a HK here (prerequisite for making a SK)
Review how to make a SK here

Here are instructions for making a Butterfly Knot:

butterfly knot butterfly knot
Figure 1 Figure 2

To make a BK, 4 cords are used - two knotters, and two fillers. 

Step 1: Make 1 SK

Step 2: Leave a gap in your knots, then make another SK [see figure1]

Step 3: Using your thumb and forefinger, push your 2nd SK up your knot bearers so it sits snug against your first SK. This creates the "butterfly" or "picot".

That's it!

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