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Crimps Make Me Crazy
by: Beth Ann

Jody, you are not alone with this problem.

A lot of it depends on crimp size and beading wire diameter.

My rule of thumb is to use the smallest crimp that both strands of beading wire will fit through.

If your are using a crimping pliers, make sure a wire goes through each channel (bump).

Use firm pressure when you squeeze.

If using a needle nose pliers, squeeze on one side, then flip the piece and squeeze on the other side.

Another safety precaution is to double crimp. Place a crimp before your "second" to last bead, then another crimp after "that" bead, then add your last bead before the clasp.

Crimp as usual.

If this blurb on why crimps don't hold is clear as mud, give us another shout and we'll see if we can describe it in another way.

Just remember, you are not alone... this is common with newer jewelry makers.

It is something we have to learn to perfect our craft.

Great crimping explanation
by: Christine

Thanks BethAnn,

I second everything BethAnn said.

I am a big believer in double crimping myself. I usually put a bead in between the 2 crimps. If you double crimp, make sure you allow for the extra length so your bracelet doesn't end up being too big.

Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

by: Ramblin44

Another way to do this, depends on how you are making your bracelets. I do double jellies, so I put my crimp in the middle of the second string, and cover it with a bead, so it isn't on the end where the stress is.

by: Anonymous

Hi Jody, it is frustrating I know, I have found that turning the crimp bead on the side and pressing down in the last groove of the crimping pliers, and then using the first groove in the crimping pliers to press it one more time has helped me.

Good luck.


by: LUKE

It is best to use Sterling silver crimps or 14kt gold filled crimp tube. This crimp is stronger and will not lose its strength when your press on it. Im still learning as well, and this is very important!

making crimps hold
by: mom2girls

Firstly, use the smallest crimp you can find that will allow both strands to pass.

Secondly, you might try using a couple of 2 mm or 3 mm spacer beads between the crimp and the other beads, and pass the wires through those as well.

Thirdly, you absolutely, positively HAVE to use glue! What I do is I place a small drop of superglue either between the top of the crimp and the clasp or at the bottom of the crimp between the crimp and last bead. To avoid getting a big glob of excessive glue, I will apply with a sewing pin. And when I open the tube of superglue I only make a pinhole size opening versus opening the entire top of the tube.

I've only had one piece where the wire came loose from the crimp, and it was on a necklace I made and I'd run out of glue so I didn't glue the crimps.

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