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DIY Bracelet Making

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  Bracelet making is loads of fun, and so is wearing your creations.  I love that you can admire your own handiwork all day long just by looking down at your wrist. 

I seem to make more pages about bracelets than anything else lately.  This page is sort of a hub page linking to all of my bracelet related information. 

( I haven't finished linking to everything yet, so if you don't see what you're looking for, try using sitesearch.)

How to Size a Bracelet

Figuring out exactly how to size a bracelet properly is really tricky.   I still struggle with it even though I have lots of experience!  I made myself a bracelet sizer tool to help me out. 

Bracelet Projects

Beginners start here:

bracelet making

This project teaches you how to string a bracelet using nylon coated stringing cable (tigertail) so that you have a sturdy bracelet with a toggle clasp.  This project is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn how to begin stringing.

jewelry making instructions    jewelry making instructions    jewelry making instructions

Mommy Bracelets

Looking for a Mother Day bracelet idea? Make a swarovski crystal, gemstone, and sterling silver Mommy Bracelet with this easy bracelet pattern.

hemp bracelet

Hemp Bracelet with Beads

This hemp bracelet pattern is a perfect beginner project. You can tie one on in no time!

grandmother bracelet

Grandmother Bracelet

A grandmother bracelet is the perfect gift for any grandma! These bracelets could easily be made into mother bracelets too. Follow one of these patterns and make a beautiful grandmother/ mother bracelet that will be cherished forever.

grandmother bracelet

Three-Strand Grandmother Bracelet

Another beautiful grandmother bracelet, this one features three different strands so you can really customize! As always, you can really change this into any type of bracelet you'd like - mother bracelet, best friends bracelet, sister bracelet... Feel free to show your creativity!

Bubblegum Bead Bracelet
Bubblegum Bead Bracelet

Here's another hemp pattern. I call this one my Bubblegum Bead Bracelet. This free pattern uses thick hemp, colorful wood beads, and easy-to-do square knots.

bracelet making - swarovski birthstone bead bracelet
Swarovski Bead Birthstone Bracelet

Make this swarovski bead bracelet in birthstone colors and celebrate your birthday every day.


Mala Bead Bracelet

Mala Beads Bracelet

Make a wrist mala with these easy sandalwood bead bracelet instructions courtesy of guest author Echo.


Bracelet Kits

Looking for kits? Here are oodles and oddles of bracelet making kits.


Tips and Tricks

These bracelet tips, tricks, and secrets will save you time and aggravation.  You'll find all sorts of helpful pages here.  Everything from how to get those darn knots to keep from slipping, to what those little doodad are called so you know what to ask for at the bead shop.

Friendship Bracelets

Learn all about friendship bracelets and how to make them. There are lots of tips, patterns, and other cool stuff. 



Hemp Bracelet Video
Live Action Knotting on a Road Trip!  This video shows the Threadbanger chickie making a hemp bracelet using the lark's head knot and the half knot

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The Story of the Stubborn Bracelet Maker and her Handy Dandy Bracelet Sizer
Watch this video to learn how to use my handy dandy free bracelet sizer tool (pdf download) for carefree bracelet sizing.  Oh yeah- and don't forget to read my charming story of the Stubborn Bracelet Maker (me of course).


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