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Bordered Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern

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chevron friendship bracelet

The Bordered Chevron friendship bracelet pattern is very similar to the Chevron bracelet.  It requires at least three colors and the maximum number can be left to you.  The border color will always be on the outside. 

friendship bracelet instructions

What you need:

  • Embroidery floss in your choice of colors:
    This pattern uses four colors:  blue (1), orange (2), taupe (3), and green (4). 
  • Masking tape, a safety pin and pillow, or a clipboard
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

Friendship Bracelet Instructions

Things to know before you begin:

This pattern uses all four knots:  forward (F), backward (B), forward/backward (FB), and backward/forward (BF).
Instructions for the knots, starting, and finishing are here.

Step 1

Cut 1 strand of each color to desired length.  For this particular pattern, 60 inches will produce approximately a 5 ½ inch (including loop and knot) tight bracelet.  The border color will be used more, so cut this one longer than the others!

Step 2

Fold strands in half and make a loop and knot at the top.  Pin the knot to your workstation pillow.

Step 3

Arrange colors:  1234 4321.  The outer strands (blue - #1) will be used first.

butterfly-knotearring-makinggimp-friendship-braceletbordered chevron friendship bracelet 1

Step 4

Starting on the right and using the blue (#1) strand, make a backward/forward knot.  The color position should not have changed.

Step 5

Using the orange strand (#2) on the right, make two backward knots.

bordered chevron 2

Step 6

On the right and using the blue strand (#1), make a forward/backward knot.  The blue should remain on the outside when finished.

bordered chevron 3

Step 7

  Using the orange strand (#2) on the left, make three forward knots, joining the orange strands (still #2) with the final forward knot.  The color arrangement should now be:  1342 2431 (blue-taupe-green-orange, orange-green-taupe-blue)

Step 8. 

Continue steps 4 – 7 until you have reached the desired bracelet length.

bordered chevron 4

Step 9. 

This step is optional.  Once you have reached the desired length, use the blue strand (#1) on the right and make three backward knots.  Use the blue strand (#1) on the left and make four forward knots to join the blue in the center.  This will give the bracelet a more finished look.

bordered chevron 5

Step 10. 

Separate the strands into two sections.  Braid each group.

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