Beaded leather wrap around bracelet


I have been trying to make one of the beaded leather wrap bracelets, however am having trouble getting started using your instructions. My first questions is- Do you hold the end of the beading thread with the loop to make the knot then once the knot is made put a drop of glue to hold the thread?

Secondly-I understand that you slide one bead up thread then I get stuck. I can't figure out how to attach both sides of the bead before moving on to the next one. Can you explain the process to me. Thank you so much.

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Beaded Leather Bracelet
by: Lara

Hi there. I am not an expert in this process, but when I made this bracelet, I did indeed glue the start thread inside the leather knot.

I used a thin enough thread that after sliding the bead until it was snug against the leather.

I wrapped the thread around the bottom leather cord, then back up through the bead again and around the top cord again before adding another bead.

I hope this helps you create your bracelet.

All my best,

Leather Beaded Bracelet
by: Cory

I saw a great video on Auntiesbeads.com website showing exactly how to do this.


Good luck!

Video for Beaded Wrap Bracelet
by: Christine Gierer ~admin

You can find a page with videos and instructions for making beaded leather wrap bracelets here: Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet Instructions and Videos.

There's lots of commentary too :)

Bead Ready

Your video makes these bracelets looks so easy.

Can't wait to start using beads I've had a long time, waiting for the right teacher.

You are it!! Thanks!

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