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DIY How to Make a Simple Beaded Anklet

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Here's a video showing how to make a simple beaded anklet.

It's a pretty cool earthy anklet and it costs very little in materials. Perfect for days at the beach, summer bonfire nights, and lazy cottage lie-abouts.


  • Hemp Cord 1mm
  • Beads

Hemp cord/twine tip

Hemp is often classified by strength rather than diameter. "20 lb. test" is understood to be approx. 0.82-1.0 mm diameter, so if you see 20 lb test, you are in business :)

Material Sources

Hemp twine and wooden beads can be found at just about any hobby and crafts store, as well as dedicated jewelry suppliers.

Here are some supplies/ suppliers I recommend:


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Clipboard


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