Bead Jewelry: Bracelets, Earrings, Anklets, and Necklaces

by Krystal Brown

Crystal and Silver Bracelet

Crystal and Silver Bracelet

Crystal and Silver Bracelet
Crystal Necklace
These earrings were my first jewelry creation~

I recently started making jewelry, about 2 months ago. I have never in my 31 years took an interest in this, and when my mother passed away I asked that I take her beads, she had an abundance of beads and she loved doing things with them.

Initially I wanted them to make bracelets and donate all money earned to cancer which took her a year ago. A way to try and make a tiny difference.

I found I am having a blast making things.

I had to learn all the basics which my husband showed me mostly. I went out and bought all the things I would need for my own jewelry making.

With each item i make, it gets better I think lol. But I see room for improvement immediately so go easy on me :).

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by: Anonymous WWE Fan

Wow Krystal. Go easy on you?

Please be confident. Your are an expert on this. My mom and I also make jewelry. We have experience and I'll say you make the most beautiful jewelry I've ever seen.

You are an expert and again - Wow! You are awesome.

Krystal Brown
by: Susan

Hi Krystal! I too am a newcomer to making jewelry. I think you've done a wonderful job! Right now I'm strugging through working with stretch cord...talk about needing patience! I'm also trying to make rosary beads...another patience bender! Good luck to you and keep at it.

Are you kidding??
by: Christina Renee

Go easy on you?? Girlfriend, you have discovered your inner artist. Funny, I flunked art in 7th grade - imagine a teacher flunking a child at art - and I accepted that decision. If I found myself engaged in an artistic endeavor, I knew I'd never be any good at it and was just fooling around. I too came to jewelry design by accident and not only do I love the things I create, I love finding an artist inside. Keep on playing and designing and discovering - congratulations on your lovely designs.

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