Bead Bars and Head & Eye Pins

by Leah

I'm new to making jewelry. What is the difference between a bead bar and head/eye pins? How do I choose which one to use?

I want to make a stack of 4 cube beads with a slim spacer between for a pendant.


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by: Anonymous

Thanks this is all very helpful, and makes things quite clear.

I think I understand.


Bead Bars And Head / Eye Pins
by: Linda

It isn't too complicated, but it will seem that way; I don't know how to explain it any other way.

First using an eye pin-you put it through the square bead, then bend the pin at about a little less than 1/2" at a 90 degree angle. Using your round pliers, hold at the arm you just bent and swing the wire around the plier, making sure the hole is as big as you want it. Then adjust the plier so that you cross at the bottom of the circle you just made using pliers grab the 'eye' you made and twist the remaining loose wire around the wire under the eye and on top of the square until it is fully and evenly wrapped, then clip the extra wire.

For the next one, use the eye pin and put it through the square (bead), and through the eye of the first square, bend and repeat. Do this for all 4 of the beads, reversing on the other side.

I hope you can follow this. If you can't, I'll write it again, and I will try to explain better.

Bead Bars and Head & Eye Pins
by: Melody

Head Pins are long stiff wire almost like a needle but no point at the end and at the bottom you have a flat head like a straight pin.

It is used to put beads onto;used for earrings and other jewelry.

Eye pins same as head pins but at the bottom you have a circle where you can add items to dangle from it.

Now the only bead bars I ever heard of are what they are called bead tube bars.

They come in straight,curved and different shapes they go in between beads like spacers beads but larger.

Hope some of the info help. Good luck.

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