How to Make a Backwards Knot

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The backwards knot (often abbreviated as "B" in friendship band patterns) is one of the most basic knots to master for making friendship bands, and next to "What is a forward knot?", "What is a backward knot?" is the most asked knot-related question I get.

So here it is.  The super easy backward knot.

This knot is usually made with embroidery floss, but it will work with other types of string too.

Be extra sure to pay attention to the instructions.  You need to make each loop twice to complete the backwards knot.  Doing it once will only make a half-stich knot.

FYI, a half-stitch knot means a super curling bracelet.  Not good.

Backwards Knot (B) Instructions

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The Backwards Knot starts on the right and moves left.

Lay the right thread (yellow) on top of the left (red).

Loop the right thread under the left and pull upwards.

Then do it again. ** Very very important!! You need to do this twice or your bracelet will curl!!!

The right thread will now be on the left.

Backwards Knot Video

Most Frequently Asked Friendship Bracelet Question of All Time:

Why is my friendship bracelet curling?

Answer: You need to make each knot twice before moving onto the next knot.

More Knots

Forward-Backward Knot (FB):

The forward-backward knot starts with the first loop of the forward knot and ends with the backward knot.  This means that the thread on the left will stay on the left when the knot is completed.

Backward-Forward Knot (BF):

The backward forward knot is reverse of the FB knot.  It starts with the backward knot and finishes with the forward knot.  The right thread will stay on the right.

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