Avoiding The Twisting of Beads.

by Sissy

My necklace is a pearl three strand that I am re-stringing. I re-strung each strand on nylon string which I am not so sure about now because it does its own twisting and then comes untwisted also.

I need the strands to be tight and to stay tight when I am finished. I have the strands tied in a knot in a bead cup on one end and laying out in front of me.

I guess my question is..should I re-string them on silk to keep the string from doing its own twisting or does it matter?

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by: Beadydani

To be on the safe side, I will say use the silk thread.

Avoiding The Twisting of Beads
by: Bwren

I agree, use the silk thread and knot between pearls. A lot of extra work but worth it for the beautiful drape that you will get. As far as the nylon thread what kind did you use, and did you condition it first? I all ways use Nymo and condition it with bees wax before I start beading. Conditioning the thread will stretch the thread and take the curls out that you get at the end of a spool. It also helps the thread not to twist, which is caused by the friction of pulling it through the beads. Quilters (like beaders use long lengths of thread) condition their thread for the same reason. There is a new thread from Toho called OneG that some people are raving about, I haven't tried it yet but I just ordered some to try it out. Good luck!!

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