Amber and Quartz in Sculpted Copper

by Rose
(Chepstow, S. Wales)

Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant

Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant

Description: Rose was commissioned for this piece by chance, but wow, what a great coincidence! Looks great, Rose!

I was looking for art paper and after a couple of hours searching the town, we were getting in the car when my friend said, "Try the art shop right there". I thought it would be too expensive but I went in.

Well I got my paper, cheapest in town, the lady saw the wire work pendant I was wearing and I informed her I made jewelry.

Two days later she called me to do some work for her partner, seemingly he had been searching for a wire worker to put some stones in a pendant for himself, and had asked the Universe to send someone.

A week later he was giving me his stones to make his pendant.

This is the finished product. He loves it.

The wire is copper 18g/1.00mm for the structure. 20g/0,80mm square for the bail and round for the weaving structure and 27g/o.315mm for the weaving and coiling.

I added to his piece of amber and quartz 5 fresh water pearls to accent and balance the piece, he informed me later that pearls were his first love.

It measures 6cm x 3cm approx.

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A Little Know How
by: Rose

Thank you both for your lovely comments.

I too wanted to do this type of pendant for such a long time till I found a tutorial on it. I of course as soon as I sorted out how to do it..changed it to suit me.

If I said that you need a base, a foundation of heavy gauge wire [16g/1.25mm] then a bail with a normal bail gauge wire [20g/0.8mm]. After that you add the stones, wrapping them first if needed, then add your coils, wire etc. It is a work of art that builds as you look at it, work with it and experience each stone and it's place on the 'canvas'.

I make the foundation with 2 sets of open loops. 1 smaller than the other and them 'kissing' each other. The big loop is about 1 inch in diameter and the second loop is approx 1/2 inch in but slanted to merge with the bail.

I hope you have enough to go on, as I can't share the tutorial...but go and play, as it is truly a unique piece every one you do.

The turquoise sculpture on here is also mine...and see how different they are.

Very Nice
by: Michelle B.

This is really nice!

by: Anonymous

Impressive, would love to be able to do that.

I have a few stones I could use. Wish I could give you more than 5 stars.


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