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Advertising Options

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If you sell handmade jewelry or provide jewelry related products or services and are looking for advertising options, I don’t think you’ll find a better deal anywhere on the web than the How to Make Jewelry advertising program.  And you certainly won’t find anything as inexpensive in any print magazine. 

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Web Page Stats: I average between 5000- 9000 unique visitors per day to my site, and our page view averages 660,000 and 1,060,000 page views a month.

Unique Website Visitors

August 2012: 213,884
July 2012: 250,388
June 2012: 207,886
May 2012: 177,132
April 2012: 217222
March 2012, 215,678
Feb 2012: 206,599

As you can see, my web traffic is fairly consistent. My traffic has risen every year since its inception. We do tend to do better in the summer than in the winter.  As I get more and more traffic, I'll be raising my ad prices accordingly. But if you buy ad space now, I'll honor your starting ad rate for as long as you remain an advertiser.

>> Important Note My Visitor Stats DO NOT contain any visitors from traffic exchange or pop-under programs. You can rest assured that all visitors reported are bona fide visitors that find our site through search engines, bookmarks, links from other websites, advertising or because they have visited before and want to return for more.

Ad Types and Rates:

I have two basic levels of advertising:

Here's a quick summary of the rates. For more detail about each, click the links or scroll down the page. 

Ad Type Ad Size (px) Location Three Months Six Months

Twelve Months (best value)

Sidebar Button Ad 125 x 125 px ad block right sidebar, all content pages*
Text Link Ad (home page or jewelry supply page option) text link** your choice home page or a jewelry supply page
Text Link Ad (content page option) text link** any one content page except any jewelry supply page

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* A content page is one that has an article or free how-to. Content pages do not include the home page, directory pages, supply resource listings pages, my about me page, any contact form page, or my personal product pages. 

** Text link ads are clickable live links.  The anchor text is limited to a one or two word phrase and must blend into the existing content.

Note: All advertising must adhere to the policies set out here

To discuss advertising or to place an ad, please contact me

Sidebar Button Ad

Sidebar button ads are those 125px square button ads you typically see on blog sidebars.  The advantage for these ads is that they are placed on every single content page of the website. This means they will be shown more often than other ads, they will serve as inbound links to your website, which as we all know is important since the more inbound links you have, the more important your site in the eyes of google. 

You can see sidebar button ads on the right navigation bar of this page.   Your ad will be added to the ones already there.  Ads are placed in order from the top, first come, first served.  If  an ad above you drops out, your ad will move up in its place.

See the chart above for current ad rates.

To order this ad, click here


Text Link Ad

A text link ad is typically a hyperlink woven into the text of a content page.  This type of ad typically gets under the radar of the savvy internet user who will often be wary of clicking on typical ads.  Any text link ad must blend into the content (one or two words).  I will not place call to action text links (for example "click here", or "shop now").

Here's an example that was once live on the home page:

"If you're here for some jewelry supply resources, my bead and jewelry supply sources page has links to silver charms, beads, findings, and tools. "

You'll notice that if you click on "silver charms" you are taken to an online watch supplier.  If you click on "beads" you're taken to a bead shop.

See the chart above for current ad rates.

To order this ad, click here

Need More Information?

I'd be happy to discuss it with you via email or over the phone.  Just note how you'd like to be contacted, give me your details, and I'll get back to you within three days or less.

For more information on the How-to-Make-Jewelry advertising program, or to place an order for ad space, please contact us.

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