Adjusting The Length Of A Finished Necklace

If a customer wants a beaded necklace - string on wire shortened, is there a way that it can be done without having to restring the entire necklace?

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The Chain Pliers Method
by: Anonymous

I have been able to crimp with about 1 inch of space (1/2 inch of space on either side.)
-Carefully cut one end of the necklace with your cutters as close to the clasp as possible.
-Take off about one inch (or more) of beads to create space.
- String on a crimp bead and clasp end.
- Break out your chain nose pliers and grasp onto your bead cable near the end.
- Tuck in the bead cable with your chain nose pliers.
-Scoot your crimp bead down to the furthest possible space, being careful not to let the necklace slip and pull out of the crip bead, clasp and beads...(I recommend doing this with the necklace's weight on a table.)
-When you have the crimp bead in place, carefully crimp the crip bead.
-You should have only used about 1/4 inch of space.
-Now your end is secure.
-Cut the excess cable.
-Slide your beads to the newly secured end.
-Cut the old end off the other side of the necklace as close as you can to the clasp.
-Slide on your crimp bead and clasp.
-With your chain nose plier tuck the remaining end back through your crimp bead.
-Pull on the beading cable to take out the slack, being careful not to strip the cable's outside layer.
-Clasp the necklace together.(This will tell you if your necklace is too tight.)
-Adjust appropriately and crimp.
-Cut off excess cable.

Have Fun,

Sarah Caligiuri
How Short?
by: JoAnneGreen

If you are shortening by at least 2 inches it can be done (one inch either side).

It will require a steady hand but it is possible. I have done it using crimps and a crimp cover with a loop.

Of course, you may find that it is easier to restring entirely. Sometimes it is best. Remember ou will have to have enough wire to place the crimps and still have room for some flexibility in the necklace.

Hope this helps, JoAnne "The Jewelry Lady"

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