Adding Thread When Doing A Chan Luu Bracelet

by Nicole
(Vancouver Canada)

When doing a 3 or 4 wrap bracelet, my beading thread runs out and I can`t seem to find a clean way to knot one thread and add another to keep going with beads without it being a bit messy.

Does someone know how to do it?


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Adding Thread To Chan Luu-style Bracelets
by: Lolo

When your first thread is about five inches long thread a second needle with new thread.

As you add beads with the first thread let the second thread be parallel to your leather and be secured as you loop the first thread around the leather, adding beads.

After about three beads, pass the second thread through the fourth bead along with the first thread. Then start adding beads with the new thread, letting the original thread be parallel to the leather. The original thread will now be on the other side and can be looped in with the new thread.

After adding about three beads, you can let the old thread hang free and just use the new thread. When you are finished with your bracelet, go back and secure where the old and new threads have been looped in using hypo cement.

Hope this helps.

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