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Cassandra's 'About Me'

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Necklace FinisherHi there!

I'm Cassandra, one of Christine's Administrative Assistants.

I'm a wife, a veteran, an avid gamer and a constantly-in-progress novelist. I love all sorts of art, whether it's digital or traditional, or music, jewelry, etc.

That's what brought me to Christine in the first place. I loved this site, and by happenstance I eventually contacted her, which led to my becoming part of the staff.

I'm also a bit of a friendship bracelet fanatic.

I'm a beginner at jewelry making – wire working and beading tricks are often lost on me. But give me some thread and a few beads and oh, the fun we will have! :)

Yes, I'll admit it – I love to make friendship bracelets, feel giddy when I complete one, adore wearing them and enjoy giving them away as gifts to any and all of my friends. (I even gave one to my husband, though he's not too keen on wearing it.)

Why? Well, it's simple. They're cute, they're super easy to make, and I can make them with my hands while watching a movie, listening to an audio book, or whatever.

I've messed around with nearly all of the thread crafts – knitting, cross-stitching, crocheting, etc. - but friendship bracelets are the only one that just require thread.

I can make the loop, hook it around my big toe and get to work. Or, I can grab a cardboard box and use it for a thread-separating board.

Now, I don't consider myself to be a friendship bracelet guru by any means, but I've made enough of them to understand your frustrations with each mistake, each tangle, each curl.

I also know the feeling of excitement when you give them to friends, and I've asked many of the questions you have – and found the answers.

That's why I would like to share my experience with you.

I've learned from so many of my own mistakes, and I don't want you to have to feel that way. After all, what use is knowledge, if not shared?

So, have a question? Hit me up. And stay tuned for all of our tips and tricks – we're going to teach you how to make friendship bracelets quickly, efficiently and beautifully. ;)

Best wishes to you all~!
Cassandra Van Ness

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