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101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques by Dr. David Weiman.   

Book Review

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This collection of 101 more great jewelry selling techniques is a compilation of 101 of David Weiman’s best “5 Minute Tips” from Jewelry Selling Insights.  

About the Author:

Dr. David Weiman (a.k.a. Dr. Dave) is the longtime marketing director for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and Step by Step Beads, and editor/ publisher of Jewelry Selling Insights, an email based monthly subscription newsletter for handcrafted jewelry sellers. 

About 101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques

101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques

From the 101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques sales page:

"You get quick and easy selling ideas you can use – right now! – to boost profits from your handcrafted, artisan jewelry! Improve your website, write better jewelry ads and promotions, sell more at your jewelry booth, create a phenomenal experience for your customers and more!  The eBook comes with $85 of FREE bonuses!"

Here's a taste of what you'll read about in this downloadable e-book:

  • You’ll learn how to “warm up” potential customer
  • how to read body language
  • how to keep several customers engaged at the same time at a jewelry booth
  • how to use customer testimonials
  • You'll get tips for communicating effectively in person and in print
  • the psychology of color
  • how to boost your marketing and advertising  efforts
  • and more ( there's 101 of these tips for goodness sake!)

101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques is divided into four chapters – Selling Face-to-Face, Selling on the Web, Advertising and Promotion, and Customer Service.

Who it’s for:

Handcrafted jewelry artists who want to learn easy ways to increase their business revenue.

Who it’s not for:

Anyone looking for business start up instructions, or anyone who is already happy with their business income levels.

Book Details:

Format: PDF digital download e-book format.
71 pages
Where to buy: Order 101 More Great Selling Techniques (immediate download)

Quick Review:

Usefulness of content: Very useful.

Writing Style: Warm and casual.  Doesn’t use a lot of jargon.

Ease of Implementation: 5 stars.  These are 5 minute tips.  You could probably add a new one to your business each week and reap the benefits without breaking a sweat.

Frustration factor: Easy to understand and exceptionally low on the overwhelm scale.  Doesn’t beat around the bush, and actually goes out of the way to tell you not to do everything at once.

Topic Scope: Not an A-Z reference.  Best for those looking to improve their business rather than learn how to start one.

Bottom Line: A perfect blend of easy to do and results-oriented, this book should please anyone running their own jewelry business.  I think it’s well worth the $34.95 ticket price.  If you follow through on even one or two of these techniques, you’re sure to make your money back tenfold.

Detailed Review:

I’ve gotten to know Dr. Dave's warm and casual style over the years through his earlier books so I expected to like this book too.  If you’ve never read David Weiman’s books before, you’ll find it’s like talking to a knowledgeable friend that only has the best in mind for you. 

101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques is laid out in an easy to reference kind of way.  There are 5 sections:  the Introduction, Selling Face to Face, Selling on the Web, Advertising and Promotion, and Customer Service.  Let’s look at each of these in turn.

The Introduction

Before I get into the introduction, I just have to share a secret.  I’m easily overwhelmed.  The smart part of my brain gets easily tired.  The not-so-smart part of my brain loves to be told exactly what’s coming up, what to expect, and what widget to crank so I don’t have to over-exert myself.

So I breathed a real sigh of relief as I read the introduction in 101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques.  I bet you’ll find the intro refreshing too.  It lets you know right off the bat that you don’t have to implement all 101 techniques into your business at once (I know, that might be obvious, but I like a little extra reassurance and hand-holding from my marketing manuals).

Selling Face to Face

If you’re an introvert like me, you’ll read this section with pleasure.  You get 28 easy to use, concrete ways to behave face to face.  These are the simple things that I imagine come naturally to a more gregarious person.  Things like how to make eye contact casually and how fast to talk.   How to hold your body and how you can behave to seem friendlier, more open, and more inclusive.   

My favorite tip was about how to write an “elevator pitch”.  An elevator pitch is a well-thought out one or two sentence summary of who you are and what you do.   It never occurred to me before, but what a great idea!  Once you’ve rehearsed your elevator speech, you’ll never be caught off guard again when put on the spot to describe what you do.  
(Note to self – write one of these before my next awkward social event!).

Selling on the Web

You’ve noticed how much more comfortable people have gotten buying artisan jewelry online, haven’t you?   For the first time ever in history, the average artisan working from home can sell to people halfway around the world. 

The challenge now is to learn how to take advantage of the opportunity.  No mean feat with the speed things are changing!  This will get you thinking about what types of things you need to be doing online.  You’ll learn how to warm up your website, how to use social networking, and how to use email marketing campaigns and low-cost press releases to get the word out about you and your website.

Advertising and Promotion

101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques' Advertising and Promotion section has something for every kind of jewelry business.  You get 47 tips in total here.

You’ll learn tips for using testimonials, how to write well, and what types of freebies to offer to “sweeten the pot”.  There’s also advice on phone lines, how to offer custom services, and even how to partner with your local dry cleaner! 

Customer Service

You get some real gems here as well.  Great ideas on how to handle returns, how to listen to your customers, and how to get referral business. 


Great businesses don’t appear from nowhere overnight.  They’re built by gradually making small improvements in each area over time.  You’ll definitely get some new and easy to implement ideas here.

Get more information about 101 More Great Selling Techniques.

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